Combining Consciousness with Crystals.

Years of entering into additional consciousness states has been an amazing gift to my life. Through this phase of the process – the culmination phase – it is growing into a somehow innate ability to work together with the CRYSTALS in their more fundamental capacity as communications devices. Not a widely known technology but a knowledge returning to the planet.

Crystals, I am delightfully remembering, are a very high form of consciousness. Their consciousness can be used to connect consciousness, to communicate consciousness to consciousness—through all space and all time. Here you may look in on this taking place and even join in on it!

All images throughout the site are formations / INformation arising from within crystals. The majority from within a very particular crystal who you will also see photographed throughout the site. Some transmissions are reaching right out to the crystal surfaces and some I am going deep into the crystal matrices for. In order to see beyond the crystal itself.

Please do join me.–In going IN and making discovery after
wonderful new discovery.

We are LIVE.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Darla D Manning

    I always sleep with a crystal, or sometimes one in one hand and one in the other. Sometimes just with one in one hand. Last night, I had a dream that I looked in the mirror and I saw my face morph into that of an alien’s face yet I could still recognize my own within it. This is after having another unusual dream earlier the same morning/night. It was pretty interesting to see my face as an alien face. Wonder what that means?

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  2. Helen Symmons

    This is a wonderful web site Casey so easy to navigate and find all your gems of insight.
    You are a very special soul and so much to help others freely sharing your wisdom and love ❤
    Such an inspirational guide, thank you

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  3. Laura Moore

    You SEE, and when you see, I find myself seeing too.

    It is a gift to follow your journey and continue learning from you as I have for the last ten + years.

    All my love,

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  4. Hello Casey,
    I love the whole idea of using crystals for capturing images of energy and intelligent being,
    So fascinating and Very inovative.
    I Hope to be find the time to also play with this form of communication and art . They would make beautiful prints IMO and enlarge would be pretty striking when you play with contrasting effects with the photos shop, not that it needs it … but why not make big statement with unique pictures . My theatrical side speaking here just for fun …And mayb even big murals in public spaces like airport…sorry I dream big but when I see something that has potential , I can’t help imagine what is possible.
    I am a fan of your work and the relationship you have create with the other dimensions.

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